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June 03, 2004

MT Comment Registration Somewhat Funky

If you are commenting, or not commenting, or trying to comment (oh, go ahead, comment!), be warned that the comment registration feature seems way buggy. I put in a help ticket. I'm handling comments a little differently in the future--I eyeballed a posting from Liz Lawley talking about scripts that close comments after a period, and I think that's my route--so I'm not sweating bullets. I'll post any replies from Six Apart I get on this.

[Help Ticket Text]

I upgraded to 3.0, and it went surprisingly well, given that I'm exactly the sort of person who shouldn't be doing this. However, I'm a bit baffled by comment registration management issues.

I don't see any of the current approved commenters (many of whom are comment spam, unfortunately) listed in the Commenters area, including several I added last night to test the comment registration feature. When I list Comments, these users are "approved," and there is no way to ban them from there, either. When I see users listed in the Comments area that I want to ban, I can't ban them. I can approve them, or delete their posts, but I can't ban them.

I have comments set this way:

Accept Comments from Unregistered Visitors: UNchecked
Accept Comments from Registered Visitors: Checked
The typekey token is entered, autoapproval is NOT enabled, and e-mail addresses are NOT required.

I plan to manually disable comments tonight on nearly all of my older posts (I was using MT-Blacklist, which turned into a laborious cat-and-mouse game), so comment spam will be (temporarily) managed that way, and this is soemwhat moot. But I'm curious. Is this a general "developer edition" bugginess, or does this speak to something I did wrong in the upgrade process--a library not installed, etc...? (I had one external library I had overwritten, which I did fix from my old, carefully backed-up site.) Everything else seems, well, strangely easy and functional.

I do love the potential of this comment registration feature!

Posted by kgs at June 3, 2004 10:09 AM

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