February 24, 2004

Jack Stephens Voted Off FRL Island

Jack Stephens crossed a line, and didn't apologize, so he is banned from this site. (Actually, it was a hat trick: his comment was homophobic, xenophobic, and disrespectful.) Jack may figure out how to get around the technical aspects of the ban, but at that point his behavior would be harassment. Don't go there, Jack. (I hesitated for a while, because I was warned that Jack "goes after" people. Then I asked myself... when have I let that kind of comment stop me?)

Steven, I respectfully disagree with you on the need to state guidelines. I believe it's really o.k., even on a personal blog, to say some behavior is acceptable, and other behavior is not. I want friends and colleagues, and even people who disagree with me vehemently on many or all issues, to feel free to post here. Jay Currie, who Jack insulted, has very different views from me on some issues. But Jay expresses his views respectfully, and for that, he has my admiration and support. Jack, on the other hand, needs to be monitored 24x7. I want to keep the comment feature open on this blog, and I can't provide that level of adult supervision for one misbehaving person.

Let us now resume regular programming.

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